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Build your own safe and secure blockchain-based crypto wallet compatible with both single and multiple cryptocurrencies. For both desktops and mobile devices!

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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

In the huge arena of the cryptoverse, one of the eminent necessities is an ultra-secure wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet development permits you to supply your customers the flexibility to manage their digital assets in an exceedingly extremely safe manner. the safety of the transactions is warranted by the cryptological encryptions we designed them with.

IntelliBlock, as a reputed cryptocurrency wallet development company, has traversed a long way through the cryptoverse, building crypto wallets of various types and for various desires.

We can assist you to build wallets that support both single cryptocurrency and multi-cryptocurrency transactions for prominent crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

IntelliBlock's digital wallets are designed to increase a high level of security, reassuring the best security protocols and enhancements obtainable within the market.

Digital wallets are often used for transactional payments and the storage of assets. The wallet stores your private key that may lock or unlock any transactional record that's stored on the blockchain.

Our Various Increased
Crypto Wallet Development Services

Centralised Wallet Development

Store and secure the private keys of the users and provide them a secure platform for managing their precious funds.. change them to process legitimate transactions by whitelisting the address of the wallet.

Defi Wallet Development

Develop a decentralized wallet and supply your users with absolute management over their private keys. there's no centralized authority and the monetary data of investors isn't shared with any third parties.

NFT Wallet Development

Get on board with our Non-Fungible Token (NFT) wallet development services. Build an exceptional NFT wallet that provides a seamless transfer of crypto

Multi-currency Wallet Development

A wallet that supports the transaction of various crypto tokens. Why comply with one token when you have the chance for additional. Currently with MultiCryptocurrency wallet development, permit your users to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more.

Mobile Wallet Development

Get on track with user's comfort and convenience. Provide them the chance to see their balance, transfer, and manage their crypto assets on their mobile devices.

Tron Wallet Development

Calling all blockchain entrepreneurs, we offer you strong TRON wallets for your start-ups. We've got an exclusive TRON DApp developer WHO can take you through this journey. Likewise, users will store their Tronix (TRX), TRC10 and TRC20 tokens with ease.

Bitcoin Wallet Development

A wallet solely for Bitcoin transactions. Does your business need a centralized or a decentralized wallet? we got it both for you; the selection is yours.

Ethereum Wallet Development

A stylish wallet that supports Ether (ETH) and all ERC-20 tokens running on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Proficient Multi-Cryptocurrency
Billfold Development Company

IntelliBlock has been swimming through totally different domains within the cryptoverse for quite a while now. The expertise in this arena has sharpened the perspicaciousness of our developers. Their proficiency has enabled us to develop variety of very secure multi-cryptocurrency wallets designed with stylish technologies. To facilitate a fast transaction with a nominal gas fee, we bestow you a decentralized network.

Package Of Features that are available With Our
Multi Currency Wallet Development

In-Chat Transactions

Crypto transactions are currently sort of a walk in the park. The users can create their transactions effortlessly with the chat option; there's no need to find an exchange any longer.

API Reference to Exchanges

The users should buy or sell their crypto assets while not leaving the platform. The robust affiliation of API with the crypto exchanges makes this happen.

Purchase Cryptos With Credit Card

Purchasing cryptocurrency is currently simple. The user will use their credit card and obtain the digital asset they need in a very secure manner.

Selling Crypto

Selling cryptos is additionally simple with our white-label cryptocurrency wallet development. The users will sell their virtual assets via the wallet and acquire the amount credited to their credit cards directly.

Multicoin and Multi-asset Wallet

A wallet that supports all cryptocurrencies. it's in-built native support for distinguished cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, and Litecoin. It may be compatible with different altcoins in accordance together with your business desires.

Upgraded Privacy

The non-public keys of the crypto holdings of your users are replaced with secret mathematical algorithms. None aside from the user themself will get their hand on the non-public keys.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

We have engineered you a strong crypto wallet that works seamlessly with all platforms. Let it be Windows, Android, iOS, or Linux; the performance of the wallet is always unmatched.

QR Code Scanner

This is a feature that aims to eliminate doable human errors. As humans, we are liable to creating errors like feeding the incorrect wallet address, however by scanning QR, this is often not a difficulty.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

It is all automatic currently. The user will choose the NFC tag, and also the wallet fetches the buyer's address itself and initiates the transaction.

Multi-Layer Security

While developing a crypto wallet, the one key issue to recollect is security. And our crypto wallet developers have invariably kept that in mind and engineered you a wallet that's embedded with multiple layers of security.

Automated Conversion Rates

Present your users the chance to stay themselves updated with the conversion rates of their crypto assets with fiat currencies like AUD, EUR, GBP, and USD.

Personalized Home Screen

The users can currently surf through a spectrum of cryptos and add the one that they intend to keep themselves updated about to their home screen.

KYC Verification

A stringent know Your customer (KYC) verification method permits it to possess solely legitimate users on the wallet. This additionally ensures that there's no likelihood for fallacious transactions.

Over the counter trading

Trading of crypto assets can currently be done between 2 users directly. There's no observation or management by an exchange.

Why Select IntelliBlock For Cryptocurrency
Wallet Development Services?


By joining hands, you relieve yourself from waiting long hours to urge your queries resolved because, with us, it's always done the next moment we receive it from you.


Our team of blockchain developers has been in this arena for a while now. This expertise makes them tuned in to all the protection threats, therefore building you a wallet with fool proof protection measures.


The wallet you deploy is exclusive and is custom-built with the necessities for your business.


The wallet you deploy is exclusive and is custom-built with the necessities for your business.


We build a cryptocurrency wallet with quite a hundred cryptos enforced in it. you'll be able to additionally add different coins your business could need to that.


Yes, call us anytime, and we will forever be out there for you.

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